Best Casual iOS Games You Can Play Anywhere

Looking for a fun and entertaining way to pass the time? Look no further than your iOS device! No matter where you are, you can indulge in a quick and fun gaming experience thanks to the variety of casual games available on the App Store. These casual iOS games provide instant pleasure and limitless entertainment, whether you have a few minutes to spare while traveling or need a break from your busy schedule. Here we have listed some amazing casual games for your iPhone that you can play anywhere and anytime.

Casual gamers often look for games to play that don’t require grinding, story, or level progression and can be exited or stopped at any given point. If all you are looking for is a big dose of entertainment in small casual time frames then this is the right spot. We have gathered together a short list of some amazing casual games for your iOS devices.

Best Casual iPhone games you can Play Anywhere

  • Alto’s Odyssey
  • Dadish 3
  • Breakout Ninja
  • My Friend Pedro
  • Monument Valley
  • Punish kick duck
  • Hungry Shark Evolution
  • Crossy Roads

Alto’s Odyssey Remastered

App Store rating 4.4 | Apple Arcade

In Alto’s Odyssey, set out on an infinite sandboarding Adventure. You will be taken to breathtaking landscapes, from dunes to canyons and even Ancient Temples. Alto’s Odyssey is the ideal game for relaxing and retreating into a beautiful world thanks to its calming music and interesting gameplay is perfect for short relaxing sessions with headphones on while you are travelling through rain or are waiting for something. If you use Apple Arcade we highly recommend trying out the Alto’s Adventure and Odyssey Remastered.

Hungry Dragon

Appstore rating – 4.7 | Download Now

A thrilling and addicting iOS game Hungry Dragon immerses players in the action as they take control of a hungry and ferocious dragon. The Ubisoft title immerses players in a colorful and exquisitely created world with a variety of settings, including medieval villages, lush forests, and burning deserts. You fly across the landscape, consuming everything in sight, from defenseless peasants and farm animals to unaware adventurers and even other mythological creatures.

Several dragon species, each with a special set of skills and traits, can be unlocked as players advance. Hungry Dragon offers iOS users a fun and engaging game experience with its amazing graphics, simple controls, and variety of tasks and objectives.

Dadish 3.

App Store rating 4.5 | Free

The Dadish series is back with the delightful and hilarious adventures of the adorable radish dad and his lovely vegetable family. Players accompany Dadish on a mission to find his missing children across a range of vibrant and difficult stages in this heartwarming platformer. Each game of the Dadish series is an absolute blast and provides the right amount of challenge with a blend of humor. The game is completely free, and the Dadish series is perfect for fun small gameplay sessions.

Breakout Ninja

App Store rating 4.6 | Free

Breakout Ninja provides a thrilling and compelling experience that tests players’ reflexes and stealth skills. Your goal as a quick-thinking ninja is to go through a series of stages that get harder and harder while evading guards and other obstacles.  

The game places a strong emphasis on time and precision with its straightforward reflex-based controls. Breakout Ninja offers a compelling and chaotic gameplay experience that keeps players interested and pushing themselves to get better scores with each level.

My friend Pedro

App Store rating 4.3 | Download Now

My Friend Pedro offers an adrenaline-fueled experience to please lovers of action-packed shooters. Pedro, a sentient banana, helps players as they make their way through a violent and chaotic environment with vivacious action and humor.

Pulling off jaw-dropping slow-motion acrobatics and killing enemies in the most dramatic way are the most significant selling points of the game. My friend Pedro offers a gripping and unforgettable journey that keeps players interested from the get-go thanks to its powerful gunplay.

Monument Valley 2

Apple store rating – 4.9 | Apple Arcade

Monument Valley 2 is a captivating puzzle game that takes players on a visually stunning journey through an astounding rendered world. Because of its engaging gameplay and numerous challenges, it is a game that will keep you immersed for hours. Users will encounter optical illusions as they guide the characters through complex courses, putting their understanding of space to the test. The game is a must-have for puzzle fans due to its simple touch controls and stunning graphics. The engaging small puzzles and well-designed short levels of Monument Valley are the perfect combination for casual gamers looking for small gaming sessions.

Punish Kick Duck

Appstore rating – 4.5 | Download Now

Punish Kick Duck is a fun and compelling iOS game that gives the martial arts genre a lighthearted twist. Unleash the martial artist inside of you as you engage in humorous combat with quirky foes. The game indulges you in fast-paced duels where quick reactions and deliberate timing are essential. To outwit your opponents and win, you must unleash strong kicks, punches, and dodges.

The game’s endearing visuals and amusing animations lend a pleasant touch, making each battle enjoyable to play. Punish Kick Duck delivers a fun and entertaining gaming experience suitable for casual gamers’ brief gaming sessions.

Hungry Shark Evolution

Appstore rating – 4.7 | Download Now

Hungry Shark Evolution descends you into the depths of the ocean as you evolve into the scariest of predators.  explore the underwater world as an ever-hungry shark and eat everything in your path. Hungry Shark Evolution allows you to explore hidden treasures in the depth of the ocean, unlock new shark species, and modify your predators to your liking. This game provides an exciting and compelling experience and is perfect for brief gaming sessions in your free time.

Crossy Road

Appstore rating – 4.7 | Download Now

Crossy Road takes you on a delightful and engaging trip through various obstacle-filled paths. You must steer your character as you dodge through traffic and avoid obstacles on roads, rivers, and train tracks. Crossy Road is the perfect game for quick bursts of pleasure thanks to its adorable pixel art aesthetic and straightforward yet challenging gameplay. The game engages you with quick thinking and its short levels make up for amazing casual gaming sessions.


In conclusion, the world of casual iPhone games offers a ton of options to entertain and engage users of all ages. These games provide an entertainment-filled much-needed break from our daily routines on the go. Whether you prefer puzzle-solving adventures, addictive arcade challenges, or relaxing simulations, there is something for everyone in the realm of casual iPhone gaming. The games mentioned in this article represent just a fraction of the vast collection available, but they stand out for their immersive gameplay, stunning graphics, and intuitive controls. So, grab your iPhone, download a few of these games, and let the casual gaming adventures begin!

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