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Best GTA 5 Mods – Graphics, Realism, superheroes and more with download links

The modding community has produced some great mods. Rockstar’s 2013 open-world leaves a great number of options for modders to easily indulge and make changes. Over the years the modders have added additional features and even enhanced the game completely. Mods are something that elevates the PC gaming status by a notch as they can provide a worthwhile experience and even change the game entirely. GTA 5 remains one of the games with mods of endless possibilities here we have listed some of the best GTA 5 mods of several types to help you find what you are looking for!

How to install mods for GTA 5

Modding GTA 5 is not just not as easy as just copy-pasting files. In order to get those mods to work you need 2 tools installed: Script Hook V, GTAV LUA Plugin and Open IV.

How to install Script Hook V

  1. Download and extract the Script Hook V.zip file.
Script Hook V folder

2. Copy and paste all the files into the Grand Theft Auto 5 folder (Where GTA5.exe is located).

The NativeTrainer.asi loads up the native trainer which you can bring up to activate cheats like teleportation, access weapons and more.

Native Trainer ControlsΒ 
F4 – activate
NUM2/8/4/6 – navigate thru the menus and lists (num-lock must be on)
NUM5 – select
NUM9/3 – use vehicle boost when active
NUM+ – use vehicle rockets when active

How to install GTA LUA plugin

GTA LUA Plugin
  1. Download and extract the GTA LUA plugin.zip
  2. Copy all the files in to the GTA 5 root directory (Where GTA5.exe is located).

What to do if the LUA plugin doesn’t works?

If the GTA LUA plugin doesn’t work for you simply uninstall the plugin by deleting the scripts folder and the LUA.asi files and try the plugin alternative from here.

How to install Open IV

Go to the following link and download and install open IV like you install any other application.

OpenIV is a program used to navigate and manipulate the actual game files, RPF files in particular. You’ll need it if you want to install things like new textures, sounds, car mods, graphics mods, etc.

Mod categorization

We have organized the mods into different categories and listed some of the best mods you must try from each category.

1.Best Visual & Graphics enhancement mods for GTA 5

GTA 5 came out on windows way back in 2015. In these 7 years, the hardware has evolved and changed a lot, making the GTA 5 visuals outdated and old. However, the modding community has produced some exceptionally well-working mod that completely enhances the visuals of the game and makes the game feel next-gen.

  1. PRSA – PhotoRealistic San Andreas
  2. Pinnacle Reality ENB
  3. Cinematic Version

1. PRSA – PhotoRealistic San Andreas

Photorealistic textures and lighting

All-in-one and sophisticated visual enhancer, this mod tries to change the Los Santos environment to a photorealistic world with dark custom shaders to offer the most natural and realistic visuals possible as a base to emulate the photograph & movie pipeline. The mod uses endless different looks possible using accurate reproduction of cameras, films and cinematic colour grades and postprocessing.

Download here.

2. Pinnacle Reality ENB

Enhanced Natural Beauty

The Pinnacle reality ENB mode enhances the β€˜Natural Beauty’ of the game with enhanced reflections and upscaled textures. The mod tries to make the game look as realistic and immersive as possible.

Download here.

4. Cinematic Version

The Cinematic Version Reshade gives the game a pure cinematic look making the game feel as cinematic as it could get.

Download here.

2. Best Gameplay enhancements mods for GTA 5

These mods enhance the overall gameplay of the game with improvements in features like AI, traffic, weapons, Driving and much more.

  1. Grand Theft Auto 5.5
  2. Total Real Driving Simulator Mod – realistic handling for all vehicles
  3. World of Variety
  4. Realism Traffic A.I Overhaul
  5. Simple Parkour
  6. Home Invasion
  7. Prison Mod

1.Grand Theft Auto 5.5

The successor to Natural Realism mods, GTA 5.5 is the sum total of all the realism mods for GTA 5. The GTA 5.5 mod enhances the game to such an extent making the game feel more like an actual update to the game. The game enhances the following features.

  • World & Graphics
  • Reflections
  • Render Distance
  • Better rain and sunlight
  • Enhanced and realistic police sytem
  • A realistic feel to vehicles

Download here.

2. Total Real Driving Simulator Mod – realistic handling for all vehicles

This mod makes much of the driving physics and damage to all vehicles in the game, including motorcycles, bikes and planes complete realistic. If you are a fan of driving simulators this mod is for you! The Real Driving Simulator mod does exactly what its name suggests, turn the game into a Realistic Driving simulator.

The mod allows you to feel the weight of the vehicles as you drive them
I strongly suggest you play in this mod with a steering wheel, to have an even more addictive experience!Β 
You will find a small tutorial on how to use it in the video information.Β 

Download here.

3. World of Variety

Are you tired of the bland and repetitive world of GTA 5, seeing the same old sights and sounds over and over again? The world of variety mod changes that, as it adds assets from multiplayer, story mode and more to the Single-player mode. The additional assets diversify and add more variety on the Los Santos roads with different pedestrians, vehicles and more.

Download here.

4.Realism Traffic A.I Overhaul

Smarter AI and Traffic

The pedestrians and the traffic AI in the game starts to feel actually funny and dumb at certain points. The Realism traffic mod enhances the AI overall makes them a lot more lifelike. Here is a list of changes the mod provides with.

1 Peds are very good at avoiding crashes and regaining control when losing control
2. All Traffic Lights are now longer, allowing more traffic to build up.
3. Different vehicles travel at different rates of speed on Highways
4. Peds will change lanes and park more frequently
5. Peds can properly use right turns at red lights, and may also choose which lane is best based upon cars ahead.
6. All peds are now more skilled at driving as they have increased skill levels
7. Peds can turn and keep control at higher speeds than before
8. You can lose a tiny bit of health by crashing your car lightly, so be careful
9. Bike riders will pull between cars, or beside them to get through if there’s enough room
10. Peds will avoid other peds and cars instead of fully stopping, and then backing up
11. Some drivers are more aggressive than others.

Download here.

5.Simple Parkour

Parkour is something that was completely missing from the game. The jump and climbing in the game are slow and it gets extremely hard and boring to run and traverse quickly on foot. The simple parkour mod makes up for that as it allows the characters to perform quick climbing and jumping tricks indulging a new parkour system for you.

Download here.

6. Home Invasion

Robbing a house has never been a part of any GTA game but the Home invasion mod allows you to do that. With the Home Invasion mod, you can enter several houses stealthily and actually rob them. The allowed buildings are marked on your map and consist of various types of houses including huge mansions and small apartments!

Rob your own neighbourhood


7.Prison Mod

While roaming around Los Santos it is almost impossible to not commit any crimes and if you are having a bad day you might even get caught. Upon getting busted the game drops the player outside the Police station skipping the punishment and supposedly the time spent in the prison. The Prison Mod

3. No-limits(Super-hero and more)

  2. Spider-Man Mod
  3. Psychokinetic
  4. IronmanΒ 
  5. Grand Theft Space

These mods as the name suggests has no limits. GTA 5 modding can somewhat be summed up as this term because there are actually no limits to what can be achieved. Under this category, you will find mods that are quite out of the box like superhuman abilities and more.


Do I need to say anything? When we said that there is no limit to what modders have achieved in the game we meant it. The King Kong script allows users to cause havoc across Los Santos as King Kong!

The King Kong


2.Spider-Man Mod

Since sony made spiderman a Playstation exclusive why not create our own version of the web-slinger This is probably the best alternative to Spiderman for PC users. The Spiderman mod allows users to Web-sling and even attack as spiderman in various available suits!

Web hang in Los Santos as Spiderman



Are you a big fan of infamous and prototype like games where you are the boss and can cause havoc with telekinesis powers to teleport and make things float with your powers? The psychokinetic mod does exactly that for you! The mod turns you into a god-like character with many different powers such as teleportation, telekinesis and more!

Be the god and do what you want



I Love you 3000! That’s what I want to say to the modders who worked on this mod and brought this Iron-man experience to GTA 5. I have always felt like we have needed an Iron Man game where you could just fly and explore the city and this is probably the closest we can get currently. The mod provides various Iron man Suits and attacks.

I am Iron-Man

5.Grand Theft Space

GTA 5 is a game that allows you to traverse on roads, water and even air with helicopters and aeroplanes Pretty much every mode of transport is accessible in the game. On top of that game features a vast variety of areas like cities, mountains, outskirts and water bodies the only thing missing is the space! Well, say no more the Grand Theft Space allows players to traverse and explore the Solar System and beyond!

Space Traveling


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