Elden Ring best weapon of each category and how to get them -full guide

Elden Ring features over 300 weapons with each of them featuring unique abilities and combat movesets. With Weapons ranging from large greatswords to small handy daggers, the weapons arsenal leaves massive possibilities for exciting builds and promotes high replayability for the game. Here in this guide, we have listed the best swords from each category and the passive effects caused so that you can find the best weapon that suits your playstyle the most.

Best Elden Ring weapons categorized by types –

The 3 Best Greatswords in Elden Ring

Greatswords are capable of inflicting massive amounts of damage, but sacrifice mobility as the recovery time from the attacks is fairly slow, which leaves the player vulnerable and open to enemy attacks. The Greatswords follow the High risk, high reward moto and can be a killer weapon with strength builds as they are great for staggering and poise breaking allowing you to finish off enemies unscathed.

  1. Blasphemous blade
  2. Sacred Relic sword
  3. Gargoyle Blackblade

1. The Blasphemous blade

The Blasphemous blade is an ugly-creepy looking greatsword that is actually extremely effective. The blasphemous sword when maxed out has damage of 1114 and avg damage negation of 44.8. The sword does an insane amount of physical and fire damage and scales highly with faith. The sword sure does look gross but is extremely powerful and is obtained by defeating one of the end-game bosses Rykard.

How to get the Blasphemous blade

In order to get your hands on this gross monstrosity, you will need to defeat Rykard who is the boss you fight at the end of the Volcano Manor questline. In order to get to Volcano Manor, you can either be invited there or head there by yourself. You will need to climb up the stairs several times from Mt glemir which is located north of the Caria Manor and east of the Shaded Castle or you can find Rya in the Lurnia region and she will take you there once you help her.

2. Sacred Relic sword

The Sacred Relic sword is one of the best-looking swords in the game and it is kinda sad that it is only found after defeating the final boss. The weapon has a max damage of 1057 and the Ashes of war on this weapon is pretty amazing. The Waves of gold as the name speaks throws waves of gold flames that causes holy damage toward enemies at a massive range making it a perfect weapon for taking out waves of enemies.

How to get the Sacred Relic sword

The Sacred Relic sword is obtained after exchanging the remembrance of the Elden-beast who is the final boss of the game.

3. Gargoyle Blackblade

 The Gargoyle’s Blackblade has a max damage of 1044 and scales primarily with Faith, Strength and Dexterity and is a good Weapon for dealing with Holy Damage and the ability to launch the weapon as a projectile due to its unique skill, Corpse Wax Cutter. 

How to get the Gargoyle Blackblade

The Gargoyle Blackblade can be obtained by defeating the black blade kindred in front of the bestial Sanctum in the Caelid region. The fight is quite challenging and can be a big headache if you are under-levelled.

The 3 Best Colossal Weapons & Swords in Elden Ring

Colossal swords in Elden Ring are much like the Ultra Greatswords from the souls series. The Colossal weapons usually weigh a lot and swing slow but deal tremendous damage. They usually require lots of Strength to wield and work better when wielded two-handed.

  1. Fallingstar beast Jaw.
  2. Maliketh’s Black Blade
  3. Royal Greatsword

1. Fallingstar beast Jaw

The Fallingstar Beast Jaw is an extremely ‘Colossal looking weapon’ in Elden Ring with a max damage of 1065. The weapon scales with Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. The Ashes of war is similar to one of Fallingstar beast’s moves and is extremely practical as it allows you to fire multiple attacks rapidly, dealing insane damage.

How to get the Fallingstar beast Jaw

The Fallingstar beast Jaw can be obtained by defeating the Full Grown Fallingstar Beast boss who is found near the Volcano Manor region. From Mt glemir, you will have to climb up the ladders all the way up near the abductor virgins in that region.

2. Maliketh’s Black Blade

Maliketh’s Black Blade has one of the coolest Ashes of War in the game as it slashes the nearby foes with black & red flames. With max damage of 1165, the large black blade is one of the best swords in the game.

How to get Maliketh’s Black Blade

Maliketh’s black blade is obtained by exchanging the Remembrance of Malekith, the black blade which is obtained after defeating the final boss, Maliketh in the Crumbling farm Azula region.

3. Royal Greatsword

Royal Greatsword is my favourite heavy weapon in the game. With max damage of 1173, the Greatsword is an excellent choice for Strength builds. The special attack on this weapon is an absolute killer with a ground pound fused with an ice burst at a certain radius making it extremely difficult to get away from. The Royal Greatsword is something anime fans would love as it is a berserk reference and equipping it with the Royal armour truly makes you feel like guts.

How to get Royal Greatsword

The process to obtain this sword is relatively long as you need to complete the entire Ranni questline which in itself is decently large. After completing Ranni’s questline you will find Blaidd outside Ranni’s rise. Killing him rewards you with the Royal Greatsword and the super cool Blaidd armour.

The 3 best Straightswords in Elden Ring

Straight Swords are reliable weapons that provide a balance between slashing and thrusting attacks Straight Swords are some of the easiest weapons to use in Elden Ring and work well when combined with a Shield, allowing for frequent Guard counters and Parrying followed by Riposte.

  1. Rotten Crystal Sword
  2. Carian Knight’s Sword
  3. Sword of Night & flame

1. Rotten Crystal Sword

Scarlet Rot is one of the most lethal effects in the game. The damage it does is quite insane and a lot of bosses are weak to it and this weapon exactly does that. With max damage of 856 and a scarlet rot buildup, this weapon is the absolute boss killer.

How to get the Rotten Crystal Sword

The Rotten Crystal Sword is a late-game weapon and is found near the Elphael inner well site of grace in the Hailigtree region. From the Elphael inner well site of grace head up straight and on the left-hand side you will find the Rotten Crystal sword inside a chest protected by 3 Crystallians.

2. Carian Knight’s Sword

The Carian Knight’s Sword is surely one of the best looking straight swords in Elden Ring and in addition to the aesthetics, the sword does an insane amount of damage. The Carian Knight sword has a max attack power of 879 and a very practical moveset, especially for magic users as the sword scales with intelligence.

How to get the Carian Knight’s Sword

The Carian Knight’s Sword can be found in western Liurnia just north of the four belfries the location can be reached by heading south from the ‘Road to Manor’ site of grace. There you will find two Trolls pulling a carriage and the Carian knight’s sword is inside it.

3. Sword of Night & Flame

The Sword of Night & Flame is without a doubt one of the coolest and most fun to use weapons in Elden Ring. The Sword of Night & Flame comes with a max attack power of 935 and has two incredible Special attacks one being a magic beam and the other a super-powerful fire attack with a decently huge hitbox.

How to get the Sword of Night & Flame

The Sword of Night & Flame can be found in the Caria Manor located in North-west Liurnia. In the Caria Manor from the Manor lower-level site of grace, you need to follow the path until you find a small castle-like structure, jump down there and in there the sword can be found inside a chest.

The 3 best Thrusting swords in Elden Ring

Thrusting Swords strike a balance between moderate damage, fast attacks and good reach while piercing and slashing Enemies.

  1. Frozen Needle
  2. Cleanrot Knight’s Sword
  3. Antspur Rapier

1. The Frozen Needle

The Frozen Needle is one of the best-looking weapons in Elden Ring with an Icy-Crystalish look and a full cup held around the fist the weapon surely provides a unique look The Frost build-up in the sword is great but its skill move is what stands out the most as it shoots frozen ice darts which provides you with range, speed and effectiveness.

How to get the Frozen Needle

The Frozen Needle can be found inside the Kingsrealm Ruins in eastern Liurnia of the lakes. The closest site of grace is the Northern Liurnia Lake Shore the Kingreal ruins can be found by heading north from there.

2. Cleanrot Knight’s Sword

The Cleanrot Knight’s Sword has a max attack power of 653 which is pretty decent considering the fact how easy it is to get and can be a great choice for your early game weapon.

How to get the Cleanrot Knight’s Sword

The Cleanrot Knight’s Sword is a lootable weapon and can be found

3. Antspur Rapier

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