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Elden Ring how to buy all the items at one place

Throughout the Lands of Elden Ring, various merchants are spread across that sell valuable items which you need throughout the game like the stone sword which is required to access some locked areas. It gets really annoying that different merchants sell different items and you have to keep track of every one of them to buy something specific as some of the items they sell are exclusive to them only. However, there is a way to buy all the items in one place instead of having to keep track of numerous different merchants.

Twin Maider Husks

The Merchants in Elden Ring

The game features various merchants spread across the lands with Kale being one of the first ones you might encounter at the Church of Elleh. These merchants sell various items that are certainly unique to them only and it can be quite frustrating to keep a track of not only where they are but also what they sell. We might actually have a solution for you!

Steps to follow to merge all the shops into one place

  • Find a merchant
  • Attack him and he will put up a fight
  • Upon defeat each merchant will drop a bell bearing
  • Offer the bell bearing to the Twin Maiden Husks at the roundhouse table.
  • Upon accepting the bell bearings the Twin Maiden Husks will start selling all the items the merchant used to sell.

How to buy all the items at one place in Elden Ring

There is a method that allows players to get all the items that can be purchased to a single shop making it more convenient when looking for something. It is known that the Twin Maiden Husks at the left corridor of the roundhouse table can be offered bell bearings in exchange for which they can actually start selling the relevant items to you for example in exchange for the smithing stone bell bearings the Twin Maiden Husks will start to sell you the smithing stone(1-4). Every merchant in the world of Elden Ring drops a similar bell bearing and upon giving them to the Twin Maiden Husks you can purchase all the items offered by the merchant from the Twin Maiden Husks.

Kale Merchant

Killing NPC’s has always been possible in souls games and it usually comes with some consequences as of now there are no consequences known for killing the Merchants besides the fact that some of them carry a questline specific to them and if you kill them you might actually miss the quest entirely. Kale from the Church of Elleh has a questline that leads to β€˜Blaidd’ and you might not want to miss that. However, this can be skipped entirely by progressing with Ranni the Witch’s quest as you end up meeting Blaidd ultimately at the Three sisters’ region. So, if you have a strong heart and can pull yourself to hurt the innocent-looking merchants this is actually a convenient way to keep track of all the purchasable items in the game.

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