Elden Ring Cheats Complete Guide To Infinite Runes, attributes, items and More

Elden Ring has only been out for 2 weeks and the modding community has already got to work. The game already has a Pause Game mod that allows users to pause the game whenever they need to well, which definitely makes life easier sometimes as the world of Elden Ring is too dangerous to be left AFK. Elden Ring is hard and there’s no denying that even From Software themselves have recently apologised about the game being too hard for some people and it is true not everyone has the time and patience to explore the world and level up enough to actually be able to take on the main bosses in the game. Here, in this guide we will help you out so that you can experience the game without having to grind too much with Elden Ring cheats for infinite runes, infinite items, attribute scaling and more!

Note- Try the updated method here for a much more efficient way

This guide includes

Note: We do not recommend you to use these cheats as they will prevent you from experiencing the true quality of the game. The game is incredibly well-created and is worth every minute you put into it. Applying cheats isn’t advised.

Steps to make sure you don’t get banned in Elden Ring when using mods and cheats.

Steps to disable Easy Anti-Cheat

  1. Create a text file “steam_appid.txt” inside “xxxxx\ELDEN RING\Game\”, and write 1245620 inside the text document.
  2. Make sure you are offline and block Elden Ring with a Windows firewall.
  3. Launch Steam in offline mode.

Important– Make sure you are offline and don’t try to play Co-op or PVP while using Cheats or mods.

Files Required to enable cheats for Elden Ring

In order to enable cheats for the game go to the following link and download Cheat Engine 7.4.

What is Cheat Engine?

Cheat Engine is a tool designed to alter the game files and allow you to modify them as per your needs. The Cheat Engine works by scanning the values stored in the memory. With Cheat Engine, there’s no limit to what you can achieve from editing values like max hp and stamina to completely changing the inventory by adding more items or adding infinite money.

How to get Infinite Runes in Elden Ring using Cheat Engine

Though working in Cheat Engine is a complex process as you are required to alter the values manually the modders have stepped up and created mods that not only make your work easier but also open more possibilities for changes and cheats such as altering the range and speed of spell in Elden Ring.

Steps to follow to add infinite runes in Elden Ring.

  1. Download the Elden Ring All in one Cheat Table from the following link.
  2. Launch Elden Ring.
  3. Launch the cheat table.
  4. Make sure you are in the game so that the Cheat engine can scan the memory and identify the values.
The monitor icon
  • Click on the monitor icon on the top left and select Elden Ring.exe from the processes(Make sure Elden ring is all loaded up)
  • Check the box against ‘Elden Ring All-in-one Table’ to bring up the customization menu.
  • Check the Add runes box next to Enable the ‘Add runes’ feature.
  • Specify the Amount and check the Gib Runes box.

Voila! The Specified amount should be added to your game save file now happy runes!

You can add runes using the Cheat Engine as many times as you want, there are no restrictions here and you will not get banned as long as you stay offline.

How to change your attributes/stats any time in Elden Ring and level-up

In order to be able to hold your own against the brutal Elden Ring bosses, it is extremely important to distribute your attributes based on the weapon you are using. Levelling up requires you to spend runes and losing them all is something that can happen quite often. With Cheat Engine you can change your attributes any time you want and even change your level to match the difficulty of the game if you ever feel that you are maybe too overleveled which is quite easily possible if you use the Rune cheat too much.

Steps to follow to change the attributes to your liking

  • Check the following boxes to access the Attribute customization menu. Player->Attributes.
Attribute Altering
  • Now just jump in and change the values by double-clicking at the values and level up or down and match the difficulty of the game and be the boss.

How to Add any item to your inventory with Cheat Engine in Elden Ring

Note- Try the updated method here for a much more efficient way of adding items to your inventory

Elden Ring has various items scattered throughout the huge world. Some of them are needed to improve your equipment(Which is extremely Important) while some are used to craft useful items. Below, we have shown you how you can add any item to your inventory in the game at any time.

Important– In order to use this feature you need to be a member of their discord community you can join them through this link. The values will simply not be changeable and you might see ‘???’ until and unless you join their discord server.

Steps to follow to add an item to your inventory using the cheat engine in Elden Ring

  1. Check the following boxes.(Item/Equipment ->Item Gib)
  2. In the Item-Gib menu screen specify the type of item you want to add to your inventory. (Weapon, Armor, Talisman, Goods/Magic, Ashes of War).
  3. Once you have identified the item you want click on the item and its id will be filled in the ID box automatically
  4. Holding shift or ctrl and selecting allows you to select multiple items at once
  5. Specify the quantity and click the Gib box to add the item to your inventory.
Item Gib

This should allow you to add an item to your inventory whenever you need it. It is quite annoying that the game despite being so long only has items to fully max out 2-3 weapons which is sad since the game has so many interesting and unique armaments.

The All in one Table for Elden Ring has many more possibilities like allowing players to change the range of a spell or an attack. Altogether the table is very flexible and easy to use.

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