How to Fix the 0xc00007b/0xc000007b Error in Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7

As a PC gamer, you are destined to run into an issue while launching or installing a game. These errors can annoy you to the point that you end up deleting the game altogether. One of the most common errors that you might face are ‘dll is missing’ errors and the ‘The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.’ So, How to Fix 0xc00007b/0xc000007b error? In order to solve the error, it’s important for you to know what is the cause and root of the problem.

0x00007b error message.

The ‘0xc00007b’ error occurs mainly for the following reasons:

  • Due to missing or corrupted dll files.
  • Corrupted/faulty Visual C++
  • In most cases it occurs when the 32 bit environment gets mixed up with 64 bit. i.e. a 32-bit application is attempting to load a 64-bit dll file.

You might come across various methods over the internet which simply never work here we have listed one of the most effective methods to get rid of the problem and learn how to Fix the 0xc00007b/0xc000007b error.

There is one method that stands out and has been most effective to fix the 0xc00007b/0xc000007b Error in Windows! Which is to Replace the existing dll files in the system32 folder in your C drive. In most cases, it occurs when the 32-bit environment gets mixed up with 64 bit. i.e. a 32-bit application is attempting to load a 64-bit dll file.

Go to the following link and download the zip file containing all necessary dll files. Extract this folder and paste it there. Replace the existing files. (Note: It is a good practice to back up your files before replacing them or create a system restore to undo the changer if anything goes wrong).

If this doesn’t work for you there are a couple more things you could try to get rid of the problem.

  • Install latest version of .NET Framework
  • Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables.

Install .NET Framework latest version

Go to the following link and download and install the latest version of the .NET framework into your computer from here. An outdated or corrupted version could be the source of the issue. Having the latest version and removing the faulty one could fix the issue.

Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables.

Next would be to have the latest version of Visual C++ correctly installed onto your system. Go to the following link and download the latest version. Download all necessary versions onto your system and give them a fresh install. If they already exist it’s recommended to delete them and give them a fresh installation in case there has been an error. It is quite possible that the program using Visual C++ made changes to it and made it unusable for other software and games. To ensure the files are unaltered reinstall the Microsoft Visual C++.

Visual studio download page.
Visual C++

Check for Malware

If nothing works for you try to check if there are any malicious files on your computer and get rid of them. It’s quite possible you could have downloaded malware onto your system and it corrupted important dll files. It’s always good to run scans on your computer from time to time and stay safe.

Restore Windows to a date to undo system changes

Windows provides us with a way to restore our system to a previous date if we have created a restore point or backup in case we need to undo some changer or recover our files. Restoring your system to a previous date will undo the changes you have made recently and potentially fix resolve the issue.

In case the problem still persists it reinstalling windows could be your only way to get around the issue make sure you backup your hard drive and Important files before doing so.

The above steps should solve your issue and you should be able to get back at playing your favourite game! Check out more fixes for game-related issues here.

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