The Best Free Offline iOS Games you must Play (Free)

It’s always amazing to discover offline single-player games that can keep us occupied even when we aren’t connected to the internet. If you are an iOS user looking for fantastic offline and single-player games for your iPhone or iPad, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most captivating and enjoyable offline games that you must play on your iPhone.

The games listed below provide fun gameplay with stunning visuals, but you can always take gaming on your iPhone to the next level with console-level games for a few bucks. Check out our list of some fantastic paid iOS games here.

Best online iOS games you can play for free in 2023

My friend Pedro

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My Friend Pedro offers an adrenaline-fueled experience that is sure to please lovers of action-packed shooters. Pedro, a sentient banana, helps players as they make their way through a violent and chaotic environment with vivacious action and humour.

Pulling off jaw-dropping slow-motion acrobatics and killing enemies in the most dramatic way are the most significant selling points of the game. My friend Pedro offers a gripping and unforgettable journey that keeps players interested from the get-go thanks to its powerful gunplay.

Blade of God: Vargr Souls

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If you’re looking for God of War-style action games where you battle enemies 10X your size and wish to defeat them in the most spectacular way then Blade of God: Vargr Souls is just the game for you, Blade of god features exhilarating combat and story set in the Norse mythology.

Players are immersed in a dark, fantastical world with large and vicious mythical beings and epic battles. Blade of God: Vargr Souls will captivate you with its deep narrative and atmosphere thanks to its stunning visuals and engaging storytelling. With a variety of weapons and customization options, the game lets you engage in intense combat combining swordplay and destructive special powers.

Legendary Larry

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Legendary Larry is one of the weirdest yet funniest games on the list, with witty writing, wordplay and basic yet engaging gameplay the game, takes players on an exciting adventure filled with puzzles, quests, and treasures to discover. You play the brave and clever adventurer Larry as you make your way through intricately constructed levels, dodging obstacles and outwitting some hilariously designed enemies.

The game’s attractive pixel art aesthetic and retro-inspired soundtrack evoke memories of earlier video games. Players of all ages will have a great time with Legendary Larry because of its fun gameplay and intelligent level design. Set out on a memorable journey with Larry and discover the mysteries of this venerable iOS game.

Ryuko: Legend of Shadow Hunter

Ryuko: Legend of Shadow Hunter immerses players in a compelling universe full of mystery. With a blend of Ninja warrior and Samurai combat you go out on an epic mission as the talented warrior Ryuko to revenge your lost tribe and discover what caused their destruction.

The game puts you against brutal monsters throughout your open-world adventure. The action, exploration, and stealth features in this game are expertly blended together in beautifully crafted environments, filled with riddles and secrets. The game has 5 open World regions which you navigate through solving puzzles and defeating formidable foes and get the ultimate Ninja experience of feudal Japan

Breakout Ninja

Breakout Ninja provides a thrilling and compelling experience that tests players’ reflexes and stealth skills. Your goal as a quick-thinking ninja is to go through a series of stages that get harder and harder while evading guards and other obstacles.  

The game places a strong emphasis on time and precision with its straightforward reflex-based controls. Breakout Ninja offers a compelling and chaotic gameplay experience that keeps players interested and pushing themselves to get better scores with each level.

Magic vs Metal

Magic vs Metal immerses players into a ruined world where two races, the Magi supernatural beings of incredible power, and the Mecha, a race of super-advanced machines engage in a gripping battle. As a strong mage, you must protect your kingdom from an army of cutting-edge robotic foes. The game delivers a distinctive fusion of fantasy and future elements with its engrossing plot and breathtaking visuals.

Use your power to cast ferocious spells and call allies to your side so you can win the war. Enhance your spells and tools to increase your power. As you work to defend your universe against the approaching mechanical invasion, Magic vs Metal on iOS offers an engaging and action-packed game experience that will keep you captivated.


ATSS 2 will take you to a world full of terrorists waiting to be shot down by you, the game puts your reflexes to the test, with its engaging combat. You progress through the game’s campaign by clearing out different areas with your gunplay. Offline shooting games have always been rare in the mobile gaming industry, ATSS 2 provides an offline Third person shooter experience on your iOS devices.

Dadish 3

The Dadish series is back with the delightful and hilarious adventures of the adorable radish dad and his lovely vegetable family. Players accompany Dadish on a mission to find his missing children across a range of vibrant and difficult stages in this heartwarming platformer. Each game of the Dadish series is an absolute blast and provides the right amount of challenge with a blend of humour.

The game’s charming pixel graphic aesthetic and memorable soundtrack create a whimsical setting that is ideal for gamers of all ages. Navigate your way through carefully created puzzles, avoid dangers, and engage with oddball characters along the way. Players will smile after playing Dadish 3 on iOS, which delivers a warm and enjoyable gaming experience.


These games cover a diverse range of genres and gameplay experiences, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s taste. Whether you’re looking for action, puzzles, or just casual gaming for short gaming sessions to kill some time, these free single-player titles will keep you entertained on your iOS device. Check out this article, if you’re looking for some amazing single-player games to play on your iPhone or iPad.

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