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God Of War on PC is so good, we forgot it’s a Port!

Β After Sony’s surprising decision to expand its exclusives to more than just its consoles, PC Gamers have been delighted. Further, it has proved that windows is a unifying platform living well up to the nameΒ Β PC Master Race! God of war of all games has arrived at Microsoft Windows!

After a successful port of Days Gone last year Sony to everyone’s surprise decided to bring 2018’s critically acclaimed God Of War to Windows PC. Much Like Days Gone it’s a great Port that runs smoothly and beautifully and provides enhanced graphics and unlocked frames.

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Kratos, The God Of War! An Old reunion.

I played the previous versions of God of War on the Sony Playstation 2Β Β as a child and it was definitely a game being proud of beating. Great boss battles, Epic stories and whatnot.Β Well, since I wasn’t lucky enough to enjoy the 2018 version on the Ps4, am probably one of the most satisfied people with Sony’s decision to port this game to Windows! The God Of War franchise since my childhood remains one of the most exciting ones and to get to experience it in 90+ fps butter smooth performance is an absolute banger!

Enter Kratos,God of war – The Family Man.

If just like me you skipped 2018’s Ps4 version, then here’s a quick overview for you! Kratos is a Spartan warrior who serves the Gods gets tricked into killing his own family by the God of War Ares. A determined Kratos vows to kill Ares and succeeds in doing so and replaces Ares as the new God of War! Later he finds out he is a demi-god himself and son of Zeus. Zeus betrays him! Upon getting betrayed Kratos decides to kill all the gods, including his father Zeus (he ends up having some daddy issues). The game takes place years after Kratos leaves Greece after killing every God in Olympus and wanders into Norse realms where he gets married and has a son Atreus (the boy), his wife dies right before the game starts and this is where we take over as the angry Kratos, we all remember, except Kratos for the first time feels more human than ever as he develops feelings and emotions after becoming the bearded family man he is! Here in the adventures of Kratos and Atreus, you aren’t heading out to take revenge or save the world its a simple motive of wanting to fulfil Atreus dead mother’s last wish which is to spread her ashes at the peak of the mountain. Oh, hold my tears! An emotional story right? Well, so Kratos now, he is no longer looking to smash heads around, however, he always runs into enemies and being the father, he is he has to fulfil the responsibility and keep Atreus safe. Kratos carries a heavyweight on his shoulders as his past is filled with blood and chaos and he wants his son to stay away from a life full of tragedy and mayhem. Join him in his reflective journey of growth, violence and the desire to protect his son from his past.

The God of Combat.

The Leviathan Axe is hands down one of the smoothest weapons I have used in a game! The combat feels satisfying from the start and gets you pumped up as you go toe-to-toe with foes double your size and in some cases half! As we progress through the story the game gets challenging as Kratos and Atreus grow stronger. You unlock and upgrade weapons, Armors and skills as you explore the bloody world of the Norse realm.

Apart from an Axe, shield, fist and the classic blades of chaos Atreus can be used as one of the most lethal weapons in the game. If you spent your skill points right, you can turn that little boy into quite a murder machine and watch him grow as a proud father!

Though enemies get repetitive, the game offers an engaging experience through the combat the 2018’s GOTY winner provides a thorough experience and doesn’t disappoint be the leviathan Axe or the Good old Blades of Chaos. Kratos has some pretty badass moves up his sleeves! The guy is an absolute monster, no matter how huge the enemy is the Ghost of Sparta always finds a way to bring them down in the most appealing fashion.

The God of Performance.

Unlike Horizon Zero Dawn’s horror port to PC, God of war on PC runs like butter with no issues at all. The Game compared to the Ps4 version runs at better framerates and feels a lot smoother. Along with that, you get better textures, shadows, render scaling and enhanced visuals overall. The game has uncapped frame rates with a brief Graphics customization menu. The game looks gorgeous even on the original preset but nothing pleases the eye more than the maxed-out visuals of the game. It’s just the hunger and desire of playing the game on the max possible settings somehow.

The game can easily hit 60fps Maxed-out even on a mid-tier PC especially with FSR enabled you could really give those frames a flight well above 90 frames. Well, that’s just one of the great points about PC gaming it really takes things to the next level with the options and customization it provides.

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