13 things probably you missed in Elden Ring’s Limgrave – Ultimate guide

Elden Rings world is massive, squaring up to 79 km square the lands between is filled with tons of content. The game has a massive underground world, caves, catacombs, dungeons and so much more to explore that you might not even realise how much you have missed. In this article, we will show you 12 things that you probably missed in Elden Ring’s Limgrave region.

Elden Ring’s Limgrave region has more than you probably discovered

  1. The hidden NPC, Boc the Seamster
  2. A hidden and a rather important site of grace
  3. A secret item for the Margit boss fight
  4. A Night Exclusive boss fight
  5. Roderika questline
  6. A summon for Flying Dragon Agheel boss fight
  7. Hidden loot for smithing stones
  8. Finger snap emote and Blaidd AKA Guts questline
  9. Great early game Stamina Talisman
  10. Hidden crafting recipe books
  11. A massive underground region – the Siofra river
  12. Dragon Commune for Dragon magic and spells
  13. Destroy the Chariot Trap in the Fringe folk Hero’s Grave.

A hidden NPC in Limgrave

You can always miss an NPC in From Soft games and it is always surprising as some of them are actually located in the most uncanny locations. Boc the seamster is one of the NPC who is meant to be encountered rather early in the game but can be quite easily be missed entirely.

Where is Boc the Seamster located

Boc Demi human

Boc the Seamster can be found by heading east of the ‘Agheel Lake North’ Site of Grace. Boc is a demi-human who gets thrown out by his people and gets cursed later which transforms him into a tree. Upon passing through him he begs you to help him. It is quite easy to miss him as he is hidden in a tree but upon looking closely the tree stands out and can make you wonder this was so obvious. Hitting the tree with a weapon or rolling through it breaks the curse and Boc reveals his true form.

Boc’s Questline and how to alter garments for free

Boc obeys you

Boc is a seamster whose sewing needle has been taken away by the leader of the Demi-Human or the Demi-Human Chiefs in the Coastal Cave. Coastal Cave is found along the western coast of the Limgrave Region, located as a cave entrance among the cliffs. Boc requests you to get sewing his equipment back although he wishes he could do it himself but the poor guy is helpless and weak. Defeating the Demi-Human Chiefs duo in the Coastal Cave drops you the Sewing Needle which upon giving it to Boc progresses his questline. Boc later alters your garments for free something that costs runes if you do it yourself with the tailoring kit also dropped by the Demi-Human Chief bosses.

A hidden and a rather important site of grace

Site of Grace or bonfire not only guides you, the Tarnished towards your goal but also allow you to rest, level up, Change Ashes of War on your weapons and much more. Limgrave itself has more than 30 Sites of grace which just further show how big Elden Ring’s world is. Missing content in Elden Ring is quite common but did you know you can actually have a Site of Grace which in my opinion is very well hidden and placed. The Grace is located at a fairly practical location but can be easily missed because of being hidden behind a small cliff. The Site of Grace is located in a very central and practical location just above the river where the Murkwater Catacombs are located and provides access to a fair amount of locations.

Site of Grace map location

A secret item for the Margit boss fight

Margit is the first story boss of the game and boy is he tough. Margit, the fell is by far the single most difficult boss in the Limgrave region and can really put you to the test when trying to take him on. Him being the first boss From software knows that players will struggle against him and hence they actually have included an ‘easy mode’ for the Margit boss fight. A merchant sells a certain item ‘The Margit’s Shackle‘ that weakens Margit and ties him to the ground leading to easy hits and damage.

Margit’s Shackle secret Item

How to get Margit’s shackle and make the Margit boss fight easier

  • Head to the Murkwater Cave, located halfway through the Murkwater River.
  • At the end of the cave, you will be attacked by ‘Patches’
  • Halfway through the boss fight Patches will beg for mercy
  • Spare patches and return to him after resting at a site of grace and he will sell the Margit’s Shackle to you.

Margit’s shackle is an item that can be extremely useful but is so easy to miss. The game rewards you heavily for exploring and we love it.

A Night Exclusive boss fight

You probably missed it but there is actually a secret boss fight just east of the ‘Agheel Lake North’ Site of Grace. The boss ‘Night Cavalry‘ only appears at night at the bridge above the Murkwater River. Night Cavalry boss rides on a horse with a long spear and has a moveset quite similar to the Tree Sentinal besides the fact that he and his horse have a separate health bar.

It’s surprising how easily you can miss stuff in this game sometimes even boss fights.

Roderika NPC

Elden Ring provides almost no guidance which can actually sometimes lead to people getting lost and missing out on stuff. There are a ton of NPCs in Elden Ring and some of them are very important you might not want to miss out on some of them, especially Roderika. Roderika can be found at the Stormhill shack which is pretty hard to miss since it is located right on the path to the Stormveil Castle. Speaking with Roderika at the Stormhill shack gives you the jellyfish spirit which is of pretty good use in the early game. She sits there as her friends have left for the castle to serve Godrick you can progress her questline by giving her the Chrysalids memento which can be found over the pile of corpses in the corridor left of the Grafted Scion below the Rampart Tower Site of Grace. Giving the Chrysalid memento will progress Roderika’s questline and she will head towards the Roundtable hold. At the Roundtable, Hold talk to Roderika and the Smith alternatively and exhausting their dialogues multiple times will lead to Roderika being able to upgrade Spirit Ashes for you which is extremely useful.


A summon for Flying Dragon Agheel boss fight

Did you know there is actually a way to make the Flying Dragon Agheel Boss fight easier by having an NPC Summon help you? Here are the steps you need to follow to get the ‘Yura the Bloody finger Hunter’ to help you.

  • Head to the Murkwater River there you will be invaded by Nerijus the bloody finger..
  • During the fight, Yura will come to help you make sure he survives the fight.
  • After the fight interact at the end of the Murkwater river.
  • Rest at a site of grace.
  • Agro Flying Dragon Agheel and then head to the Seaside ruins
  • Heading slightly North East from there you will find Yura again
  • Interact with him and he will warn you to stay away from the Dragon
  • Fight the Dragon and die
  • Talk to Yura again at the same location and he will scold you again
  • Rest at a Site of grace and head to the Stake of Marika
  • You will find the Summon point to Summon Yura for the boss fight there.

Hidden loot for smithing stones

Smithing stones can be quite difficult to find early on in the game but there is a way to farm a lot of smithing stones 1 & 2 early on in the game.

  • Head to the Site of grace we earlier discussed, above the Murkwater river.
  • From there head north-west and you will find a Spirit spring
  • Jump over and you will find a stone with an item in it.
  • The item can only be accessed by breaking the stone
  • In order to break the stone lure the Giants into attacking it
  • This can also be used as a great early-game rune farm you can use the Giant’s attack and get them to kill each other.
  • The Giants attack will break the stone and provide you with 5 smithing stones 1 & 2.

Blaidd AKA Guts

Elden Ring actually has a lot of Berserk references but did you know there is actually an NPC based on Guts?

In order to find Blaidd AKA guts, you need to follow the following steps.

  • Head to the Mistwood ruins in the Eastern part of Limgrave where you will hear a wolf howling.
  • After that head to the merchant Kale at the Church of Elleh.
  • Ask him about the howling in the Mistwood ruins.
  • He will then give you the finger snap emote.
  • Go back to the Mistwood ruins and use the Finger Snap emote
  • After that Blaidd will come down jumping
  • Talking to him will progress his questline as he will ask you to assist him in fighting Dariwill.

Great early game Stamina Talisman

Stamina is something you want to keep your eye on during combat. If you run out of stamina you can actually be pretty helpless as you won’t be able to dodge, run and attack. This is where the Green Turtle Talisman comes in. Green turtle Talisman increases your stamina regen speed and works quite similar to the chloranthy ring from Dark souls. In order to get this Talisman-

  • head to the Summonwater village ruins.
  • There you will require a stone sword key to unlock the path to the underground area
  • The Talisman is inside the chest in the backroom.

Hidden crafting recipe books

The game has various cookbooks which you can use to craft useful items. They are scattered across the world some can be purchased from merchants while some are found through exploring and can be easily missed. Heading northeast from the summon-water village you will see a church. There you will be invaded. After defeating the invader head inside the church, where you will find two absolutely amazing cookbooks which can be extremely useful.

A massive underground region – the Siofra river

If you have been wondering about the world of Elden Ring being so big let me surprise you even more with the fact that the game has various underground regions which are not only massive but also filled with content. The Siofra river can be accessed by heading to the eastside of mist wood ruins. Just behind the minor Erdtree, you will find a lift that takes you underground to the absolutely gorgeous Siofra river region.

Dragon Commune and Dragon spells

The game has Dragon Communes which can be used to purchase Dragon spells. It is the island south of Limgrave and upon looking at it, it seems like it is impossible to reach. In order to get access to the Dragon Commune Island and be able to purchase Dragon Spells, you need to head to the Coastal Cave. From there at the end of the cave, you will find a tunnel that leads to the Dragon Commune Island.

Unravelling the Secret of Chariot trap

It’s mind-boggling how much detail Elden Ring has and From Software really made sure that they didn’t miss an inch inside this huge world. Not only is the game full of content and surprises but it also manages to fill in the gaps and have secret areas within secret areas. The Chariot has crushed over a million bodies and made people lose over a billion runes but lately, it was discovered that it is actually possible to destroy the Chariot in the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave.

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