Starscourage Radahn Boss Fight Best Strategy, Location and more

Elden Ring features more than 100 bosses in its large and vast open world and some of them will really make you want to smash your head and wonder how am I possibly supposed to beat that. Well, you can use mods like ‘Pause the game’ and use cheats to make the game easier for you but that only ruins the true experience of fear, excitement and the true goosebumps the Soulsbourne games offer. General Radahn or the Starscourage Radahn is one of the strongest and most difficult bosses in the game. Him being an optional boss you can entirely skip him but you would miss out on an entire city in the game which is only unlocked upon defeating Radahn. In this guide, we will guide you through everything about the Starscourage Radahn, the best boss fight strategy, location and more.

Recommended level -70

Starscourage Radahn.

Starscorage Radahn Boss fight

  • Location -Redmane Castle, Caelid.
  • Rewards-Remembrance of the Starscourage,70,000x Runes, unlocks the path to Nokron The Eternal City.
  • Boss status-Optional.

The best Strategy against the Starscourage Radahn

The fight against Radahn can be quite challenging hence the game allows you to summon various NPC’s into the boss fight. We will break down the fight into different segments to make it a better reading experience.

  • Dodge Radahn’s Deadly arrows.
  • The Best tip to follow when fighting Radahn.
  • Watch out for the meteor.
  • Summon more Help!

How to Dodge Radahn’s Deadly arrows

As soon as the fight starts Radahn will start shooting Arrows at you which come at an incredible speed and aren’t easy to dodge as he has a pretty big hitbox. The Dodge would have to be timed correctly. Do it too late or too quick half of your health bar will be gone. In case you are having a hard time timing the dodges you can take cover behind the spears and weapons lying around as they will block the arrows from reaching you. Using torrent isn’t advised when dodging these single arrow shots by Radahn as they are super accurate and quick and using torrent doesn’t provide you with the ‘Iframes’ or invincibility frames as dodging does. After taking 3-4 shots Radahn will launch another attack on you where a shower of arrows will start falling on you from the sky at a great speed, using torrent to get away from this Arrow shower is your best bet.

Use the cover to easily avoid the arrows

Summon help as much as you can to make quick work of Radahn

On your way towards Radahn, you will find various summon points(yellow glow on the ground). Summoning help from various NPC’s you have met in the game like(Blaidd, Patches and more)really makes the fight easier as the NPC’s will keep Radahn distracted allowing you a good window to launch attacks. Radahn Rides and drifts across on his horse allowing him to move really quickly. Use torrent to maintain distance and attack while he is distracted this is your best bet. Radahn will quickly take out the summons and make short work of them and once he is onto you dodging his attacks isn’t easy as he has a slight delay when he attacks and will make you ‘Panic roll’ and make dodging incredibly difficult.

The Best tip to follow when fighting Radahn

  • Attack with heavy Charged attacks when he is distracted or use the skill move
  • As soon as he targets you use torrent to get away and let him fight others
  • Make your attacks count and deal heavy damage whenever given the oppurtunity.
  • Prioritize Ranged Attacks (Bow or spells).
  • Equip Talisman that complements your approach(Bow or spell) to enhance the damage.
  • Bonus Tip-Radahn has a special weakness to Scarlet Rot status affect using that will deal a ton of damage to him.
Use Distractions to attack

Watch out for the Starscourage meteor

Software never fails to surprise us as they keep throwing surprises after surprises at us. Once Radahn reaches around 50% health he will suddenly vanish, the tempo will drop and the music will get quiet which might lead you to lose focus and just wonder where did the Starscourage disappear. When this happens you should hop onto torrent as soon as possible and look around above the sky and watch out for Radahn who will coming falling down towards you like a giant meteor and will one-shot you. The best way to avoid getting killed by the meteor is to keep moving while looking out for Radahn in the sky and as soon as you spot him coming move sideways at full speed getting away from the area of impact.

Summon more Help!

As the fight goes on the summons will die and return to their world but, you can always summon more. Use torrent to move around and look for summon points to summon back more help which will truly make your life so much easier. There is no shame and no pride is lost when using summons it is a part of the game and you must use them or you will just get frustrated and might end up hating the game.

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