The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD on PC-Nintendo Switch emulator guide

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD on PC-Nintendo Switch emulator guide

Playing switch games on PC has grown easier with the development of Yuzu, the advancements made in the last few years have been insane and pretty much every game is playable on PC now using the Yuzu emulator! With the release of Skyward Sword HD on the switch with enhancements and upgrades over the Wii version makes it must play title. In this guide, we will show you how you can play Skyword sword HD on a PC using the YUZU emulator. The YUZU emulator emulates The Legend of Zelda skyward sword HD flawlessly and is definitely the best way to play the game on windows.

Skyward Sword HD

The original title was released on Wii in 2011 and offered one of the best storylines and visuals in a Zelda game. However, the motion controls did not receive a warm welcome from a lot of players the steep learning curve spoiled the flow of the game for many.

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Well, Nintendo heard the feedback and included the traditional control scheme in the remastered version. Skyward sword HD supports both motion controls and traditional-style gameplay using the Switch pro controller which will bring a lot of joy to users who simply prefer traditional gameplay.

Is playing Skyword Sword HD on a PC using YUZU worth it?

The fact that an average gaming PC will most likely have better hardware than the Nintendo Switch, playing the game on YUZU is definitely a worthwhile choice. With the upscaling feature, you can run the game up to @4K 60 fps (granted you have a decent PC) and even get the true Zelda experience on a widescreen.

Of course, you’ll need to own a copy of the Switch title and a good enough pc to support 4k but if you do, you’ll be in for quite an experience on PC.

Skyword Sword HD YUZU setup

The first step would be to dump the switch title onto your PC and save the NSP or XCI file in a folder. Although Switch games can be easily found on google, we recommend you avoid piracy and use this guide by YUZU for dumping the games on your PC.

Next, using our step-by-step YUZU guide get started with Switch emulation and enjoy an amazing Zelda experience.


With the progression of YUZU, playing switch games on PC has become a totally worth it experience, with more updates in the future the gameplay experience is only expected to enhance for YUZU. In the meantime check out our guide on how to play the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time on an android device.

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