How to cheat in any single-player game - get unlimited coins/XP and more

How to cheat in any single-player game – get unlimited coins/XP and more

As you grow up the time you get to play games significantly reduces and balancing a work-game life gets extremely difficult. There are single-player games like the Elden Ring which require hours in order to level up and even stand a chance at progressing in the game. However, sadly not everyone has the patience or time to actually grind and work hard around the game. In this article let’s look at the best way to implement cheats in almost any game and get unlimited coins/XP and more.

Note: We do not promote cheats in online games, which is completely unethical and should not be practised.

Best Software that allows the implementation of cheats in-game –We Mod

We Mod is one of the best applications used for modding more than thousands of your favourite single-player games. Wemod allows you to implement cheats, trainers, mods and more all within one application.

Why Wemod?

Wemod is the single best application that provides countless features for your comfort and makes implementing multiple cheats to single-player games easier than ever.

  • Cheats like unlimited coins, XP, upgrade points, stealth mode, infinite health, one-shot kill and more.
  • The pro version allows you to implement cheats and make changes through the official Wemod mobile app
  • save your favourite cheats and settings you change
  • Allows players to make changes from the Wemod screen hence no need to memorize shortcuts.

Steps to implement cheats via Wemod

  • Download the Wemod application from the following link.
  • Install Wemod just like any other application
  • Launch Wemod
  • Search for your game
  • Wemod will automatically detect the game on your system If it doesn’t detect the game click on the drop-down from β€˜Install game’ which is at the top right of your screen and choose β€˜Add Custom’.From there browse to the folder where your game is located and select β€˜game.exe.’
  • Launch the game from the Wemod application and implement the cheats of your choice by using the corresponding shortcuts for various cheats.

Is Wemod free?

Implementing basic cheats in Wemod is absolutely free. You can use cheats in your favourite games without paying a dime. However, Wemod does offer additional premium features through a paid subscription, the paid subscription allows users to make changes via the Wemod screen itself or by the Wemod Remote android application. It also allows users to save changes.

Read our guide on how to use cheats in various games here.

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