Spiderman Remastered PC Old Peter, PS4 (John Bubniak) face restoration mod

After being released on PS4 in 2018 Marvel’s Spiderman was remastered for PS5 in 2020. The game was remastered for the next-gen console with better graphics, textures, Ray tracing and more. In addition to all the significant upgrades, a controversial decision was made by Sony as they decided to change the face model for Peter Parker. Many fans didn’t welcome the developers’ decision very well as the old face was found to be ‘perfect’. This guide shows how you can bring back the much-loved Old Peter face from the original PS4 version of the game.

The game has recently reached windows PC but the fans are yet not over the controversial change in the remastered version of the game. It was inevitable for the modders to restore the John Bubniak face model as fans have always preferred the old Peter face model.

Fans have appreciated the John Bubniak face model because it complements the mature and experienced Spiderman from the game. On the other hand, the upgraded face model makes Peter still look like a teenager despite the story taking place 8 years after Peter’s Spider bite.

Old Peter face PS4 mod

The modding community has brought back the fan favourite Peter Parker to the game. The details, textures, and expressions are as accurate as they can be. The mod takes you back to the old PS4 version of the game. In order to further improve your experience and immersion, you can install the John Bubniak Skin tone mod and the mod to replace the PS5 photos in the room with John Bubniak from PS4.

How to Install the Old Peter face PS4 mod for Spiderman PC

  • Download the SMPC modding tool and the John Bubniak.
  • Launch SMPC.
  • Go to ‘File-> Select Asset Archive. Now browse to the ‘asset_archive’ folder in the games directory and click save.
  • Now, go to the mod manager menu.
  • Add the downloaded mods to the list and hit Install.

If you face any problems while installing the mod, Read the full SMPC modding tool guide here.

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