How to connect wireless headphones to a computer with no Bluetooth

All the motherboards don’t support Bluetooth out of the box, the flagship ones do but not everyone has them. The more standard motherboards don’t support it directly and require you to purchase an external Bluetooth card. What if you don’t have one? Is there a way to connect your wireless headset to your system with software? This guide will show you how to connect wireless headphones to a computer with no Bluetooth.

How to Connect your wireless headset to your computer without a Bluetooth card?

Your wireless headphones can be connected to your computer without a Bluetooth card by using your phone as an intermediate. This is done with the SoundWire Server application. The SoundWire Server does audio mirroring and the sound from your computer is cast on your mobile device which can be ultimately used as a wireless speaker/headphone.

How to Audio Mirror using SoundWire

Follow the steps below to turn your mobile into a wireless speaker/headphone and connect it with your computer.

Firstly it is important that both your computer and android device are connected to the same wifi network. In case wi-fi is not available you may connect both devices via hotspot.

  1. Download the SoundWire application on your computer from the following link
  2. Download the SounWire application on your mobile device from the Google Playstore.
  3. Install the Application on both your devices and launch them.
  4. Make sure the Server Addresses on both the devices match if they don’t manually type your Computer’s Server Address (from the SoundWire home screen) on your Mobile device.
  5. Click on the coiled wire icon to connect to the system.
  6. If the connection has been established you will see ‘connected’ highlighted in green on your computer.
  7. Now, Connect your wireless headphones to your mobile device.

Since the Audio is being mirrored you should be able to hear the sounds from your computer via your headphones.


The SoundWire Server provides an easy and convenient way to connect your wireless headphones to your computer without Bluetooth. It can be great for listening to music and maybe even playing some casual games. The Audio quality is alright not the best as there is a little lag in the audio delivery but overall it’s doable and works fine. Although watching movies shouldn’t be your main priority as there is a slight audio delay which can be pretty annoying.

In the end, it is a great temporary solution to your problem of not having a Bluetooth card and can be used to stream music while working on your computer flawlessly.

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