Witcher 3 – Console command cheats, infinite crowns, items and more.

If you have been looking for a working trainer or cheat mod for Witcher 3 and have found nothing so far, you have come to the right place. After researching and visiting a bazillion websites the only working way for cheats I found was to use Console commands. Witcher 3 Wild hunt uses a console command system which can be used to perform and use various cheats like infinite money, items,exp and more.

Items like food, weapons and armour in Witcher 3 are extremely pricey, I had to sell off everything I looted for 4 hours just to barely afford some steel. Being someone who doesn’t have much time to grind hours into the game cheats were the only way to go.

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Witcher 3 Console command cheats
Witcher 3 Console command cheats

How to use Console command cheats in Witcher 3

The Console Commands in Witcher 3 are hidden or to frame more precisely ‘disabled’ by default on PC. So, in order to use them we first need to enable the console command.

How to enable the Console command cheats for Witcher 3 on a PC

  • In the games directory [bin\config\base]
  • Open the general.ini file from the base folder.
  • Below the [General] heading paste the following line DBGConsoleOn=true.

After completing the above procedure you can bring up the console command by pressing the ‘~’ key while ingame. The console command allows you to add money, exp, level up, items, kill enemies, become invincible and a lot more by simply typing commands in.

Our favourite and most useful commands are healme,addmoney,killall,levelup,addskillpoints and AllowFT(fast travel). All the commands with their functionalities have been mentioned down below

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CommandWhat it Does
godinvincibility on/off.
likeabosslikeaboss mode on/off. While enabled, you deal 40% of the enemy’s health as damage with every hit.
addkeysGives you all keys required to open all doors.
addmoney(amount)Adds Crowns (money).
removemoney(amount)Removes Crowns (money).
additem(‘item code’, amount)Adds specified items to your inventory, and optionally specify the amount. (Item codes here).
witchcraftAdd all items to inventory (may crash your game). (Item codes here).
removeitem(‘item code’)Removes the specified items from your inventory. 
spawn(‘npc code’, amount, distance, hostility)Spawns the specified NPC type in front of you. Can optionally specify the amount/distance from the player. (Can also specify hostility towards you (true/false). Consult this NPC codes list for details.
killall(distance)Kills all enemies within the specified radius around your character.
healmeSets your health to full.
setlevel(level)Sets your level to the specified number.
levelupIncreases your level by 1.
addexp(amount)Supplies you with the specified amount of XP.
learnskill(‘skill code’)Learns the specified skill/talent. Consult this skill codes list for details.
addskillpoints(amount)Supplies you with the specified number of skill/talent points.
AllowFT(0 or 1)Enable (1) or disable (0) the ability to Fast Travel from any location.
ShowAllFT(0 or 1)Enable (1) or disable (0) the ability to see all Fast Travel locations, whether or not you’ve discovered them.
ShowPins(0 or 1)Enables (1) or disables (0) the ability to see all pins (points of interest) on the map, whether or not you’ve discovered them.
ShowKnownPins(0 or 1)Enable (1) or disable (0) the ability to see all previously discovered points of interest
settime(days, hours, minutes, seconds)Sets the time of day, in the form of days/hours/minutes/seconds since the game began.
TM(multiplier)Sets the speed of the in-game time. Examples: 1 = 1 minute passes every second (default). 0.5 = 1 minute every 2 seconds. 5 = 5 minutes every second.
CiriSwitches your character to Ciri.
GeraltSwitches your character to Geralt.
Cat(0/1)Enables (1) or disables (0) the Cat potion effect (night vision).
Drunk(0/1)Enables (1) or disables (0) the Drunk status effect.
dismemberDismembers the currently targeted NPC.
SpawnHorseSpawns a horse.
instantMount(‘horse’)Spawns and instantly mounts you on a horse. This can only be used with the ‘horse’ parameter.
staminaponySpawns a horse with unlimited stamina.
spawnBoatAndMountSpawns and instantly mounts you on a boat.
makeitrainMake it rain.
stoprainStop it raining.
changeweather(‘weather code’)Sets the weather to a specific type. Consult this weather codes list for details.
winGwint(0/1)Instantly wins (1) or loses (0) your current game of Gwent.
addgwintcardsSupplies you with one of each Gwent Card.
secretgwintBegins a game of Gwent against the AI.
addabl(‘buff code’)Bestow the specified buff effect on you. Consult this buff codes list for details.
rmbabl(‘buff code’)Removes the specified buff effect. Consult this buff codes list for details.
cleardevelopResets your character, removing all items and levels and resupplying you with the starting gear.
buffme(‘effect id’, seconds)Bestows the specified effect on you. Different from the addabl command! Consult this effect codes list for details.
appearance(‘appearance code’)Sets your appearance to the specified model. Consult this appearance codes list for details.
WitcherHairstyle(‘1’/’2’/’3′)Sets your hairstyle to the specified type. Requires apostrophes around the chosen number.
addHair1Sets your hairstyle to the default style.
addHair2Sets your hairstyle to the ponytail style.
addHair3Sets your hairstyle to the long loose style.
addHairDLC1Sets your hairstyle to the loose short style.
addHairDLC2Sets your hairstyle to the mohawk/ponytail style.
addHairDLC3Sets your hairstyle to the Elven Rebel style.
shaveShaves your beard.
setbeard(beard code)Sets your beard to the specified type. Consult this beard codes list for details.
settattoo(0/1)Enables (1) or disables (0) the tattoo on Geralt’s neck.
setcustomhead(‘head code’)Sets your character’s head to the specified model. Consult this head codes list for details.
removecustomheadResets your head model to default.
xy(x, y)Teleports you to the specified x/y coordinates.
gotoWyzimaTeleports you to Wyzima.
gotoNovigradTeleports you to Novigrad.
gotoSkelligeTeleports you to Skellige.
gotoKaerMohrenTeleports you to Kaer Morhen.
gotoPrologTeleports your character to White Orchard.
gotoPrologWinterTeleports your character to White Orchard (Winter).
ToggleCameraAutoRotationToggles automatic camera rotation on/off.
fadeoutFade out the display.
fadeinFade in the display.
testpausePauses the game.
testunpauseUnpauses the game.
dlgshowToggles the game’s UI on/off.
activateAllGlossaryBeastiaryEnables all Beastiary entries in the Glossary.
activateAllGlossaryCharactersEnables all Character entries in the Glossary.
All commands or Codes for Witcher 3

All the commands or famously known as ‘cheat codes’ by retro gamers are an inbuilt feature of the game and will not bug or glitch the game in any way as no third-party application is not involved.

The PC modding community is huge here at gamersus.com we bring the latest mods to you so that you can get the best experience out of your game.

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