Yuzu Nintendo Switch emulator for PC-ultimate guide.

Yuzu Nintendo Switch emulator for PC-ultimate guide.

Playing switch games on PC has grown easier with the development of Yuzu, the advancements made in the last few years have been insane and pretty much every game is playable on PC now using the Yuzu emulator! Even though Yuzu is incredibly well-optimized it still requires quite a decent system to get those desired frame rates. If your system has been struggling to run Yuzu, you are in the right place! Here in this guide, we take you to a step-by-step tutorial on how to get started with Yuzu emulation and play Nintendo Switch games on PC.

If your system has been struggling to run Yuzu, you are in the right place! we have provided you with some amazing tweaks and changes to optimize Yuzu to its full potential and give you a performance boost!

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With these optimization tips, you can expect a drastic increase and stability in your Yuzu performance and maybe even go higher than 60fps in most games.

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Yuzu minimum requirements

  • Cpu- intel i5-4430/ Ryzen 3 1200
  • Gpu Gt 1030/RX 550
  • 8GB ram minimum
  • OpenGL 4.6 or Vulkan 1.1 compatible hardware and drivers are mandatory.Β 

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Yuzu- Nintendo Switch emulator Setup and Installation

Download and install the latest version of YUZU from the following link

Now, the first thing you will need is the Yuzu keys, which you can dump from your Nintendo switch directly using this guide or refer to google for a direct download.

Once you have your keys, from the YUZU main menu screen go to File<Open Yuzu folder and paste your keys inside the β€˜keys’ folder.

Now, for adding games to the emulator double click on the β€˜+’ button and navigate to the folder where your games are located.

Controller configuration

Go to Emulation<configure<controls there you can map all the buttons to either your keyboard or controller.

To use your mouse for aiming in YUZU, select the keyboard/mouse as the input device and make sure the right stick is mapped as the β€˜axis +1’etc.

Optimising YUZU for you and getting that performance boost

  • Enable Multicore Cpu emulation
  • Set the Accuracy level to Auto
  • Use Vulkan API
  • Enable disk pipeline cache, asynchronous GPU emulation, and Accelerate ASTC texture decoding.
  • Set GPU accuracy to High, enable asynchronous shader building and Fast time GPU.

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Enabling Multicore CPU emulation

Open the configuration tab and in the General settings menu check the Multicore CPU emulation box. Multicore CPU emulation does exactly what it sounds like, it allows Yuzu to use multiple cores making it a lot faster!

Multicore CPU emulation

Setting Accuracy level to Auto

In the CPU tab set the Accuray level to Auto. More accurate means fewer bugs and crashes but worse performance. Less safe or less accurate means better performance at the cost of possible bugs and crashes, Auto helps balance this out and give you the best performance while minimizing bugs and crashes.

Best Graphics settings for YUZU

GPU settings

In the GPU tab, you first need to set the API to Vulkan to reduce the stuttering and then enable disk pipeline cache, asynchronous GPU emulation and Accelerate ASTC texture decoding.

  • Disk pipeline cache saves the shader cache and uses it, which allows you to smoother cache building.
  • Asynchronous GPU emulation moves the GPU rendering to another CPU thread. Somehow it also enables the dynamic resolution of the Switch, ultimately reducing stutters and stabilizing the performance.
  • Texture decoding helps improve the performance as it accelerated the texture loading.

You can try Anti-Aliasing for better clarity but if you experience a drop in the performance set it to none.

For the Window Adapting filter you can set it to AMD FidelityFX super-resolution, this is a super sampling method provided by AMD in case you experience a drop in the performance set it to none.

Advanced GPU settings

  • Set the GPU accuracy to high, this helps improve the visuals of the game as the graphical accuracy is high.
  • Enable asynchronous shader building, this is a literal hack as it significantly improves the performance, it renders several shaders at the same time to reduce build stuttering.
  • Enable fast-time GPU for faster and smoother performance.

A little tip for Nvidia Users for performance boost

Nvidia users can make gain some performance boost by completing the following settings in the Nvidia control panel.

  • Open the Nvidia control panel.
  • Go to the image settings with preview under 3d settings
  • Click on take me there against the β€˜Use advanced 3D image setting option.
Nvidia control panel Use advanced 3D image settings.
  • Navigate to the program settings and click add.
  • Find Cemu Wii U emulator.exe
  • Under their turn on threaded optimisation and triple buffering and click apply.

Update GPU drivers

Updating drivers can often improve performance and even fix bugs and glitches. Go to the download page of Nvidia or AMD and update your GPU drivers to their latest versions.

Update Cemu

Always make sure you are using the latest version of Cemu. Often Cemu releases updates that drastically improve the performance Download the latest version here.

Still no Results?

If you still see no performance improvements read our guide to improve the overall gaming performance here and make windows better for gaming.


Enabling these settings should provide a significant performance boost and provide you with a smooth gaming experience. The Async shader compiler should eliminate all the stuttering issues and enabling the multi-core recompiler should improve the overall framerates!

Enjoy the fast and smooth gaming experience in Yuzu!

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