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Here’s how to play The Legend of Zelda games on Android devices.

The Mobile hardware capabilities have advanced tragically over the years, in 2023 When your handheld devices are as powerful as they could get a question arises, is it possible to play the Legend of Zelda games on Android devices?

There are no official releases or ports available for Legend of Zelda on the Android platform. Your best bet at playing the Zelda series on your pocket-friendly device is through emulation. There are various emulators available for Nintendo consoles that allow you to play almost every classic Zelda title on your Android device.

Various releases like Dolphin for Wii, Citra for 3ds and now Yuzu for Switch have made it possible to emulate your favourite Nintendo games on Android devices.

The Legend of Zelda games playable on your device

Here is our list of guides, on some of the best Nintendo Emulators to help you enjoy the Legend of Zelda on Android devices.

As one would expect each of them requires you to have at least a mid-level mobile to get a somewhat playable experience. At the same time, newer Emulators like the Yuzu need an absolute flagship device with at least an SD 800+ or equivalent.

If you don’t own a flagship device don’t fret, as emulators like N64, Citra and Dolphin might still be able to work for you.

The older consoles are where all the traditional Zelda’s can be played, from the classic Ocarina of Time to the adventurous Wind Waker all can be played at a mid-level device with Snapdragon 730 or better.

The newer Zelda like Breath of the Wild can officially be played on your Android devices thanks to Yuzu’s release on Android, the emulator as of now is in very early stages and can provide somewhat playable gameplay at 540p, with 20-ish frame rates on the latest flagship devices. Although we are sure that the game will optimise further and we might see smooth stable 30fps gameplay like the original Switch.

Note: we do not promote piracy and always encourage you to use original copies of the games from your Switch or other consoles. Emulation is for practicality and making gaming better and doesn’t promote pirating.

The Legend of Zelda is an all-time classic series with some of the most memorable gameplay, music and stories in the history of the industry and it’s always great to have these amazing games available to us at the get-go. Read our guide here on how to play Switch games on Your android devices.

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